Which Protein Powder is Most Beneficial for You

21 Nov

Among the most popular types of nutritional supplements are the various kinds of protein powder. You may be wondering which type of protein powder is best for your particular needs. Protein Powder “A” may have more or less protein than Protein Powder “B,” aside from being a different price and having a different flavor. There are quite a few elements to consider when it comes to protein powder, and we’ll be discussing some of the most vital ones here.

Whey isolate is the favored form of protein of athletes and bodybuilders. The difference between whey isolate and other kinds of whey protein is important to understand. Whey isolate is the purest form of animal based protein powder you can get, and it’s very low in calories, carbohydrates and fat. Whey concentrates, on the other hand, are higher in fat and carbs, and the main reason people choose this is that it’s cheaper than whey isolate. For help in building muscle, losing fat as well as a protein that is easily absorbed, whey isolate protein powder may be your best choice.

One type of protein powder you often see advertised are weight gainers, which include carbohydrates along with protein and possibly other nutrients. Some of these products can contain sugars like fructose and carbs such as maltodextrin.

For someone underweight who is trying to gain weight and build muscle, these kind of products might be helpful, but there are many people who need to be careful about using them. The use of weight gainers could cause you to gain fat instead of muscle if you don’t have a fast metabolism. Some of them are also questionable in terms of how healthy they are, especially if they’re high in sugar. You can, however, find weight gainers that are low in sugar and made with all natural ingredients.

Another milk based protein powder that is popular like the whey protein is one known as casein protein. Many bodybuilders like casein because it is high in amino acid L-glutamine which is needed for building muscle as well as recovery.

It does take the body a lot longer to absorb casein protein than it does whey protein which is something to think about if you are taking it. Although whey protein can be taken at almost anytime, casein needs to be taken in between big meals or at bedtime. If your body has difficulty with dairy products, then taking the milk based casein protein powder wouldn’t be a wise choice. For someone who is trying to build muscle, casein can be effective protein powder.

Sorting through all of the different kinds of protein supplements may take a little time. Since different protein powders are made with different objectives in mind (weight gain, weight loss, etc.), make sure you consider this before even trying something. If a product looks promising, then you may want to test it for a while, and finding out if it really does what it promises.

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