Tips To Choose The Right Pitching Machine For Softball

14 Mar

Meta Description: If you are planning to buy a pitching machine for your softball practice sessions, here are some useful tips that will help you with the right selection.

Practice is something that is highly important for a player to succeed in her career. Practice will help with improving the skill of an individual to a great extent. But, when rehearsing in softball batting, one should have another individual to help with the practice sessions. This means that only when the other individual throws the ball, the hitter can practice by hitting it. But, the need for one person to help with rehearsal can be eliminated and the individual can practice whenever required when she has a pitching machine handy with her. The machine will throw the ball for her to practice and she can also set the speed at which the ball is thrown at different levels. Beginners can practice at a slower speed, while experienced players can practice with medium or high-speed pitching.

To improve hitting skills:

It is generally stated that every player, who wish to improve her hitting skills, should have a pitching machine for softball to help her with the routine. As the machine pitches, the ball, it will not get tired like a human pitcher. The popularity of these machines is increasing day-by-day and manufacturers are producing different types of machines to meet the requirements of different levels of players. If you are planning to shop for such a machine, here is a guide to help you out:

The budget should be considered:

Among the many considerations to make in the process of comparing different machines, the budget is an important consideration. In case, you are a beginner and thinking to use the unit for yourself, you can opt for low-end manual kinds that might cost you somewhat lesser. On the flip side, if you are planning to shop for a pitching machine for softball for a professional team, you will have to opt for higher-end models that will cost you more. You might take help from your team sponsors to get additional money to help with your purchase.

Manual machine:

If you are concerned about your budget, then you should opt for a manual machine, which can be the ideal choice. The reason is that manual ones will not require electricity for operation and depends on hand-pulled lever to throw the ball towards the hitter. Also, due to its lightweight, this type of machine is portable and easy to transport. TheĀ Louisville Slugger UPMĀ 45 blue flame pitching machine is one of the best choice for manual machine.

Use along with your children:

In case, you plan to use the pitching machine for softball along with your children you can shop for a machine that comes with a single wheel and a single motor, which will be particularly the best choice for kids lower than 14 years of age. This type of machine can throw straight fastballs at a tempo of 60 miles in an hour. You will need electricity to operate such a type of machine.


The final tip is that in case, you are planning to shop for a softball pitching machine for professional players and schools; you can opt for a dual-wheel and dual-motor machine. The reason is that this type of machine will help with a variety of pitches.